We are looking for sponsors

We are looking for Sponsors

Are you interested in being a supporter? We are always looking for sponsors!

Funding registration fees for the RoboCup competitions, travelling and accomodation costs, costs for new robots, upgrades of our ones or other hardware is not easy. We are very happy to have the opportunity to contribute to science and hope to continue participating in RoboCup in the future. Therefore, we would like to hear from you.


Rico Tilgner (Team Leader) / Stefan Seering (Webmaster)
Phone: +49 162 4169149
E-Mail: naohtwk@googlemail.com

Main Sponsor, Seat and University of Nao-Team HTWK

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences


HTWK, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Website: https://portal.imn.htwk-leipzig.de/

The following people and organizations (listed in chronological order per year) have contributed money to the Nao-Team HTWK project - Thanks a lot for these contributions!

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